Do you feel stuck with the small, outdated bathroom in your Omaha home? The good news is, you’re not! You just need the right know-how to maximize the space you have. Follow 3 expert remodel tips to create a bathroom that’s more comfortable, functional and stylish – no matter how compact!
omaha bathroom remodel

1. Keep it light

Bright overhead lighting will create a spacious, open feel in your bathroom, enhanced by walls painted in solid, light shades. Compliment with accent colors in neutral patterns or textures for a calming, traditional look, says Or make a modernly bold statement with bright pops of color.

2. Maximize storage

Clutter is the quickest way to make any bathroom feel cramped. Get organized with high-performance storage solutions that hide unsightly personal items, cleaning products and linens. Choose petite options over bulky, traditional cabinets, such as storage ladders, floating shelves and stackable baskets. Or eliminate furniture altogether in favor of recessed wall storage.

3. Slim your fixtures

Replace large, outdated bathroom fixtures with low-profile, resource-efficient alternatives – like a pedestal or corner sink; compact, elongated toilet; and low-walled tub or walk-in shower. Apartment Therapy recommends a curbless walk-in shower with a frameless glass door to not only save space, but create a barely-there look that will visually extend your bathroom.
omaha bathroom remodel

Discover more small-space solutions for your Omaha bathroom

To achieve the best results, work with a qualified remodel expert who can design and build custom solutions tailored to the unique challenges of your bathroom.
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