The entryway can make or break the first impression of your house. Is the entryway of your Omaha, NE, home uninspired, dark or awkward? Does it break the wind and cold and do its job sealing the house? The design and build professionals at HC Remodel & Design can not only open up your entryway but can add the design touches that can make it the focal point that it deserves to be.

Here are 9 elements that we can renovate in your entryway to make it an impressive showpiece to capture and keep interest:

  1. Front Door

Start at the beginning with your entryway remodel: the front door. In keeping with the style of your house, we can install a customized door that gives just the right impression. We’ll make sure the details help create the lasting impression that you desire. The handle finish, door knockers, doorbells, trim and accent windows can all seamlessly join together to make your front door an aesthetic masterpiece.

  1. Windows

To complement your beautiful new door, we’ll match or contrast the transom and the sidelight surround window panels to make a cohesive and aesthetic doorway. The additional lighting given by these complementing windows will instantly elevate the mood of the entryway.

  1. Lighting

A key component to designing the best entryway for your home is lighting. The right kind of porch lighting and sidewalk flank lighting is needed for both safety and aesthetics. We will put our decades of experience to work for you in designing the lighting of your driveway, sidewalk and front porch for maximum impact.

  1. Soffits and Fascia

To tie together the look of your home’s exterior, we can craft the right details for the soffits and fascia. Whether traditional materials—such as wood or aluminum—are a perfect fit or if newer composite materials—such as UPVC or vinyl—will best complement the architecture of your house, we’ll find the right look and we’ll zero in on the details that will make it stand out.

  1. Deck

An important entryway accent to consider is the deck. Our artisans can create a deck design that will complement your door and house exterior for a look that is sure to please. A deck can carry a strong front porch design which is a friendly and welcoming look for classic Americana homes. At HC Remodel & Design, we know how to design a complementary front deck to define your entryway.

  1. Stairs

If a deck isn’t the right style for your house, we can add stone, paving or brick in the form of stairs or an incline to subtly influence the impression of your entryway. We have the experience to create the right look and feel to make an easy and comfortable access to the front door.

  1. Sidewalk

The sidewalk leading up to the entryway is as important as the design of the doorway. Your sidewalk should be wide, comfortable and promote an easy passage with no obstacles for people unfamiliar with your entryway. We can acquire the right materials to tie in with the design of the entryway for a unified look.

  1. Columns

The right design of a house may well lend itself to the tasteful use of columns in the entryway. Pillars have long been a mainstay in architecture, dating back to Persian Empire days, and they are no less attractive in today’s home. If columns impress you, your designer at HC Remodel & Design is able to create the right design to accompany them.

  1. Entryway Roof

Finally, the right porch roof is an absolutely critical component to your entryway design. Whether you like an understated hip roof, a stately gable, a sunny deck roof or a traditional door canopy, we can design and build it for you. Your customized roof can complement the aesthetics of your entryway to finish off your home exterior’s signature look.

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These 9 style elements, blended expertly together with our skillful craftsmanship, can bring the perfect look to your home and create a positive first impression. To get started discussing your entryway improvements, call us today at (402) 403-2378 to schedule an initial consultation. We’re ready to go to work for you.