If a bathroom remodeling job is long overdue in your Omaha, NE home, HC Remodel & Design have the design and build expertise and experience to elevate your bathroom to new heights. Increased energy efficiency, improved lighting, added comforts and expanded storage can all be benefits of an extraordinary bathroom renovation. HC Remodel & Design has decades of experience in bringing these revolutionary changes to homes in our region.

Here are 3 strategies to consider when remodeling your bathroom:

  1. Trendy but Timeless

While chasing after trends can be fun and exciting, you will want to keep an eye to the future. Whirlpool tubs were considered must-haves just a handful of years ago, but now custom showers are all the rage. Rather than pursuing hot trends, we would recommend you look for classic improvements that will help you as the years go by.

A low or no-profile shower is easy to enter and exit without tripping and glass walls can open up the space for a roomier feel. Safety features such as no-slip flooring and strategic handrails will only increase in importance as you age. Double sinks have stood the test of time with popularity in master bathrooms.

Vertical shelving with strategic baskets and hidden cabinets can give you additional storage while still maintaining an attractive, uncluttered look. The focus on spa bathrooms will carry on since the idea of a roomy, tidy, luxurious and pleasant bath will not fade in years to come.

  1. Efficiency is not Optional

With so many choices available for low flow water fixtures, dual flush toilets and energy efficient lighting, it is easy to include energy saving plans into your bathroom remodel. The savings you will enjoy can offset the expense of replacing old appliances and fixtures with more modern and efficient ones.

Too many codes and details to learn? At HC Remodel & Design, we know all about the green options. Your experienced designer will make the recommendations that can transform your old, wasteful bathroom into an energy-efficient new space.

  1. Update the Necessities

Gone are the days when all bathtubs were created equal. Today, you can choose from a variety of finishes, styles or inserts to transform your old tub into a centerpiece. Soaker tubs or jetted tubs are a great option for those wanting extra comfort and relaxation. However, some homes are foregoing tubs altogether to open up the space for an extra-large shower instead.

Sinks offer convenient options such as hands-free water flow or goose necks that swivel for a multi-function sink. Storage added in clever places can make use of every inch of space without a feeling of being cluttered. Taking out the old carpet and replacing it with tile can go a long way to improving the look and function of your bathroom.

Wiring for sound, including a port for your iPhone and program choices in your shower, will propel your bathroom into the 21st century. Adding concentrated area lighting and making use of natural light will improve the function and the feel of the overall space.

Get your Bathroom Remodeling consultation today on your Omaha, NE home!

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