A popular trend in kitchen remodeling today is adding a kitchen island. If you have extra floor space that’s not being used, or expansion possibilities in your kitchen floor plan, a kitchen island might just be what you’ve needed. Your personal designer at HC Remodel & Design can examine the possibilities and show you the options for a more efficient and convenient kitchen.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider adding a kitchen island:

  1. Additional storage

If your cabinet space is inadequate for your storage needs, a kitchen island will provide lots more storage options. A traditional square or rectangle design can provide cabinets on two sides and special shelves on the ends. Smart cabinet techniques will make the most out of the awkward corners. The end product is ample storage space for your favorite appliances, cookware and more.

  1. Additional prep surface

The extra countertop that comes with a kitchen island addition can be specially designed to be a chopping surface, a stovetop, a clean-up area or prep stations so more people can help. It won’t be long before you wonder how you ever got along with the smaller counter space you had before your handy kitchen island.

  1. Additional seating

For more casual dining options, a seating area can be designed into your kitchen island. Help the kids with their homework or chat with a friend while you prepare a meal. Is takeout on the menu? Spread out the bags and pull up a stool to eat it while it’s hot. Rushed mornings? It’s easy to set out a fast breakfast on the island to make sure everyone has the nutrition he or she needs to start the day. And cleanup is quick, too. Many families find this fast dining option one of their favorite features.

  1. Additional convenience

Having a kitchen island can make your life easier in many small ways. Putting groceries away is easier with the extra counter space provided by the new island. Asking for help is painless with the additional room and prep stations. And having the extra storage can free up your countertops for a more organized kitchen.

  1. Additional special interest area

Many people are choosing to design their kitchen island with a special interest in mind. A veggie washing sink, a deep well sink for canning or fresh flower arranging, or a chopping station can be easily included in your design. A pet center complete with a food dispenser can get your pet dishes out from underfoot. A wine cooler can keep your wine at the perfect temperature and can be invisible inside the cabinet.

A grill stovetop gives you options for healthier cooking. A nook for school supplies or a small bookshelf caters to the kids and their gear. Garbage can be hidden underneath with a clever design. Whatever your organizational or specialty interests may be, your well-designed kitchen island can target those needs.

With these great options for crafting a kitchen island to meet your needs, HC Remodel & Design can design the kitchen island that’s right for you. We have years of experience in honing kitchens to be as efficient as possible and we’re ready to go to work renovating your kitchen with the addition of a stunning, new island designed with you in mind.

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