An expert remodeling of a cramped, outdated kitchen can make a remarkable difference in your home. Since you may have been living with a boxed floorplan, cramped workspace, energy-sucking appliances, inadequate storage and outdated décor for years, it may be hard to imagine anything else, but there is always a better design to be found and HC Remodel & Design can help you discover it.

If you’re ready to think about updating your kitchen, but don’t know where to begin, your friends at HC Remodel & Design are available to give you expert opinions to make an attractive and functional space that becomes the happy hub of your household.

Here are 3 tips for your next kitchen remodel:

  1. Floorplan first

Before thinking about those gorgeous fixtures, tasteful lighting or eye-catching flooring, consider the flow of the kitchen according to your needs and personal style. Are you the kind of person who involves many hands in the meal prep? If so, a variety of work stations, some with built-in chopping surfaces, will keep everyone out of each other’s way. Is there lots of unused floor space but not enough storage space? A kitchen island can be a helpful solution. It can house an appliance and additional storage. Is the kitchen a tight galley with no room for options? A wall or half wall removal might be the answer, or a consolidation of appliances could free some counter space. A skylight could add beautiful natural lighting and make the galley seem less boxy.

With over 30 years of experience in kitchen remodeling, we’ve seen just about every floorplan and we will offer you our top design efforts to create the kitchen floorplan that’s best for you and your family.

  1. Function over beauty

Glancing over the beautiful photos of trendy kitchens, it is easy to become enamored with a certain look or style and forget the function. A busy house filled with toddlers and children may find bright white cabinets to be a nuisance to try to keep clean or open cabinets too dangerous. A family who loves their take-out may find a tiny trash can in a small space inadequate for the foam containers and cardboard pizza boxes.

When you talk to your designer at HC Remodel & Design, be sure to explain your lifestyle along with your tastes and preferences. We’ll help you find the balance that will give you both a stunning new kitchen and a functional space.

  1. Features that are timeless

With Pinterest®, Houzz® and other sites constantly churning out sharp new looks for kitchens, kitchen remodeling has fast become a trendy hotspot. While it is important to have an updated look, sticking with the basics will ensure you have a classic kitchen that will span the years and remain a thing of beauty.

Lighting is an important consideration. While industrial farmhouse tin lamps may be trendy, do they provide the right lighting for your kitchen? Or do they introduce a style that strays from the architectural integrity of your house? We can help you find the right variety of lighting to make your kitchen shine and still have a sensational personality.

Fixtures such as the sink, veggie sink, garbage disposal and specialized cabinet inserts can provide you with convenience and durable function for years to come. Updated appliances can give you energy savings, space savings and enhanced beauty. Your designer will find out what fixtures and appliances will be optimal for your new kitchen.

Eye on the Prize

In the end, you can have an eye-catching, renovated kitchen that is a showcase of beauty and style while still being an efficient workspace. You may find friends and family comfortably hanging out in your new kitchen as you enjoy the ageless blending of food and friendship. HC Remodel & Design will work to get you there. Our craftsmen are ready to go to work for you to create the beautiful and efficient kitchen of your dreams.

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