You love your house.  You love your neighborhood.  You just don’t love your kitchen.  Your kitchen angst might be solvable though…most kitchens could be utilizing space better.  Here are some things we have learned about what makes a kitchen irresistible.

Go Up

Tall upper cabinets aren’t as convenient as those at eye level, but a few extra shelves of space make all the difference when you are trying to find something in your high traffic areas.  You can leave the rarely used stuff out of reach so the useful things are at your fingertips.

Better Counter Space

All counter space is not created equal.  Counter space next to your workhorses is essential.  Your stove and sink need plenty of free work area on either side.  If you have counter-top appliances in these areas they probably need to find a new home unless you use them at least weekly.  You don’t have counter-tops to either side of your sink or stove?  It might be time for an update.

Splurge on Corners

Blind corner cabinet options have become so cool.  But don’t go cheap on these.  It can be prime space that is easy to access if you spend a little more money.  Our favorite is from Rev-A-Shelf.

Walk-ins are Overrated

A walk-in pantry is amazing if your house was built with the extra space to accomplish this, but pantry cabinets are so convenient and utilize space too.  The amount of space that a walk-in pantry could take away precious square footage that you don’t need to surrender.  Floor to ceiling cabinets give you the space you need with everything at arms reach.

Islands Make Dreams Come True

Hawaii would make so many of my dreams come true, but a kitchen island is even more fun.  It is not only extra storage and counter space, it is also a gathering space.  Seating on one side gives your friends and family a place to watch you work, or vice versa if you are really lucky.   For everyday, you have space that invites little ones to help with baking or an extra place to drop the mail that isn’t in your valuable counter-top real estate (see above).

The kitchen pictured is one of our most recent projects.  We loved giving the homeowners the kitchen that fits their family–in the home they love.