Small bathrooms don’t have to be cramped.  The challenge of taking an existing frustrating space and transforming it into a beautiful, functional room is what we love about our work!  Here are some things we have learned about compact bathrooms:

Floor Space

The more floor you can see–the bigger any room appears.  Taking your sink and toilet off the floor can make a huge difference without loosing any storage.  If you want more storage than a pedestal sink offers, there are many options for floating vanities that still give you that wide open view of your floor.

The bathroom on the left appears larger because the homeowner opted for a floating vanity.  We added under cabinet lighting to keep the floor light and bright.

In the bathroom on the right, the space was more limited, and replacing the wall hung pedestal sink was the best option.  Keeping with the character of this beautiful bathroom gave us the chance to make the base tiles stand out and preserve this gorgeous herringbone floor tile.

Niches, Medicine Cabinets and All That Space Behind your Walls.

The walls in your bathroom are holding valuable space.  In this tiny bathroom we put that wall space to work.  The mirror over the sink hides a medicine cabinet and the gray cabinet over the toilet is mounted into the wall with twice as much storage as you would expect.  Hidden behind the half shower wall is also a convenient shower storage niche.  Additionally, we used a wall hung toilet, setting the plumbing back into the wall and giving the homeowner even more space.

Glass and Mirrors

Have you ever walked into a restaurant with a mirrored wall and thought it was twice as big?  The illusion of space that mirrors and glass give is real and a smart way to make your space appear bigger.   A solid glass wall and shower door gives us the sense that the room is no longer divided.

And while we are talking about doors, consider a high quality pocket door for a very small bathroom.  Bathroom doors swing in taking more space out of your already little space.  Give yourself some room to move without having to work around a swinging door.

Upgrades for Every Bathroom

Even though your small bathroom might not have the space for a jetted tub or dual sinks, there are some bathroom upgrades that make every size bathroom more comfortable and enjoyable.

Heated flooring.  This is a must for a basement bathroom but amazing in any bathroom. Cold tile and a warm shower just don’t go well together.

Another comfort upgrade we love is separate shower functions.  You can add a rainhead shower fixture and a separate handheld fixture to any size bathroom.  Many people prefer these add-ons to a jetted tub for ease of cleaning and you don’t have to carve out an hour to enjoy them!

How can you give your small bath some extra love?