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Omaha, NE (DUNDEE)

The Process 

Talk about claustrophobia! This tiny kitchen was tight and dark. It was in serious need of an update. 

The existing kitchen layout was full of pinch points, making smooth movement through the kitchen nearly impossible. To add to the mix, all of the appliances were located awkwardly in the kitchen, further exacerbating an already awkward flow.  

Lastly, the color scheme was not doing this space any favors. The heavy red and glazing on the cabinetry added some unneeded visual weight, which created a sense of darkness and enclosure.

Needless to say, our homeowners were ready to bring some air into their space! 

Because of the existing layout of the home, removal of walls was not possible. Instead, the focus switched towards maximizing the exiting space and accentuating simplicity and breathability.

Extra attention was placed on the selections which did the heavy lifting of making the space appear brighter and more open.

Additionally, appliances were resituated to allow for a smooth workflow, reducing tight spots and the claustrophobia. 

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