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Omaha, NE 

The Process 

Preserving the charm, but enhancing the function. This cute little bungalow had charm and character to boot. However, with these features often come some not-so-charming challenges. With a very closed-off and outdated galley kitchen, the center of the home was dark and compartmentalized. The old cabinets and outdated windows had to go.

What this space desperately needed was a little spatial planning and a lot of modernization. The clients wanted a traditional boho design with openness, functionality and warmth. Our goal was to highlight the existing character, while connecting the cut-off kitchen to the rest of the home. The space was there, we simply needed a little creativity and problem-solving to utilize it.

Step one was to remove the wall between the dining room and kitchen to provide space for a beautiful peninsula with accessible storage on both front and back. Preserving the character was important, so subtle corner details were added to the new kitchen/dining opening. This connected it back to the existing doorways in the home. Step two was redesigning the hidden breakfast nook which included new cabinets, countertops and counter to ceiling tile. These new features helped to give our homeowners a fresh and airy environment in which to relax and enjoy their morning espresso.

Now, our homeowners have a stunning, transformed kitchen, bursting with charm, comfort and that all important functionality. With clean, sleek lines, and bright white tile, this once dreary space was given new breath. By opening up the wall to the dining room, the homeowners rediscovered their space. What once was a barely used formal dining room, became an integrated center of the home. Three separate spaces now seamlessly blend together while still providing subtle design surprises which set each room apart, inviting you in to enjoy them.

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