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Omaha, NE 

The Process 

Compact and closed off, these homeowners were looking to open up and refine their space with a truly unique design. Although the kitchen layout was limited, a total transformation was possible through opening up a wall and heightening the aesthetic.

Our homeowners loved the character found in Victorian styling and desired to bring these features into their kitchen, but with a contemporary flair.


With rich blues, antique brasses, and soft whites, the beauty of the past seamlessly blended with the present. 

When addressing the design needs of the homeowners, the most dramatic change came from opening the wall between the kitchen and dining space. This allowed for a better integrated floor plan as well as providing the opportunity for some increased counter space.

With this kitchen, the design really came in the little details. From hand-made brass cabinet pulls, iron brackets, and 100+ year old wooden shelves, to unique decorative elements like the beadboard backsplash. Each element harkened back to the Victorian era.

Lastly, more modern finishes such as the soft gray countertop and Brizo faucet added a contemporary edge to the space, giving it all the charm of a historical home with all of the luxury of a contemporary space. 

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