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You're in the Right Place to Create Your Dream Space


A Stress-Free Design-Build Process

For more than two decades, HC Remodel and Design has been the go-to choice for home remodeling in Omaha, offering unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative design solutions. Our team has consistently delivered breathtaking spaces that redefine living areas, ensuring that returning home becomes the highlight of every day.


Integrity is at the heart of each remodel project and the HC Remodel and Design team is dedicated to simplifying the home remodel process and making it an enjoyable experience where every homeowner feels valued and heard. 


This starts with our design-build process, which allows you to receive a customized design that checks off all of the boxes on your wishlist before any work begins. You’ll watch your vision come to life in 3D designs and feel a part of the process from start to finish.

How the Design-Build Process Works

With HC Remodel and Design’s design-build process, you can feel at ease knowing that your entire remodel will be handled by our trustworthy team. No sub-contractors for you to search for, no logistic challenges trying to schedule multiple pros and wasting hours on the phone. Instead, we give you the full-service treatment, designing a space that meets your precise specifications. 


We believe a home remodel should be an exciting time of new possibilities, not stress, so we pride ourselves on creating an experience that homeowners enjoy and appreciate. Once you approve the design, we’ll move into the construction phase, taking extra care to keep you informed every step of the way and ensuring a streamlined process that respects your home and lifestyle.


See How HC Remodel Transformed One Omaha Family’s Home

To appreciate how our process streamlines your remodel and delivers the home of your dreams, take a look at how we helped one local client get the home they always wanted. 


When our North Omaha clients came to us, they were ready for a change. Their kitchen was dark and felt cramped. It was closed off from the other rooms in the house, limiting entertaining and making those in the kitchen feel isolated from the rest of the family. The kitchen space also didn’t serve the family’s interest in baking. Overall, they were ready for a fresh, updated look to their dining room, kitchen, and sunroom.


HC Remodel and Design listened to the family’s concerns and designed a bright, open space that connected all of these spaces together with a unified design that invited conversation and culinary exploration. 

A Homeowner’s Number One Regret After a Remodel: That They Didn’t Do it Sooner

“We had a wonderful experience working with HC Remodel & Design! They stuck with the established timeline even when we had to address unforeseen obstacles. All workers were very friendly and trustworthy, we felt very comfortable welcoming them into our home. Their guidance with design was incredible. They helped us execute our vision without us even knowing where to begin or what to choose. We highly recommend HC Remodel & Design!”

Tara and Eugenio D.

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 Start Planning Your Home Remodel Today

Don’t let another year pass by. Make the memories and enjoy living in the home you deserve. Begin the process today, HC Remodel & Design will be there to make it easy, every step of the way.

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