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The Process 

Making use of a small space. These homeowners wanted to take their dreary and outdated guest bathroom and transform it into a bright, and bold space any guest would be thrilled to use.

For these homeowners having a well-lit space with natural lighting, while still providing privacy, was a necessity. 

With clean lines and simple finishes, any color that was introduced would pop, exactly like they wanted. 

A blend of modern finishes and timeless furnishings gave this small bathroom a whole new life of its own. 

Step one in reconfiguring the space was removing all of the unnecessary walls and separations.

Two large vanity towers dominated the space and reduced the amount of functional counter space available. 

Additionally, the placement of the bathroom window was at an awkward height, requiring some sort of window covering to provide any sense of privacy; essentially rendering the window pointless.

The vanity was replaced and the window resized as a transom with frosted glass, which provided some much needed visual clarity and privacy.

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