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Experience The Latest Trends in Remodeling at The Spring Remodeled Home Tour in Omaha

Updated: Mar 29

Ready for the ultimate home remodeling inspiration experience? See firsthand the possibilities for transforming your home as The Professional Remodeling Organization of Nebraska and Iowa (PRO NE-IA) offers exclusive access to some of the most stunning home makeovers in the region. Taking place Saturday, April 20th and Sunday, April 21st, the PRO Remodeled Home Tour 2024 combines both in-person tours as well as virtual viewings. 

HC Remodel & Design is proud to have two of our recently completed projects in this prestigious event. Read on for a sneak peek and some additional background on these projects and what you can expect on the tour.   

For In-person Viewing: A Mid-Century Marvel in West Omaha

This single family mid-century modern ranch home was built in 1962 and is a beautiful example of mid-century modern architecture. The kitchen reflected the classic galley style so popular with this movement, but the finishes felt completely from another era and were disconnected from the rest of the mid-century details in the home. On the home tour you’ll get to see in-person how we reconnected with the home’s historic character while updating the space to be more functional and vibrant. 

The homeowners loved the layout, but wanted to find a solution to the kitchen’s more challenging aspects. We’re thrilled with how our design team created a plan for maintaining the clean, simple lines of the home’s historic aesthetic while overcoming the challenges of the U-shaped galley kitchen layout which featured multiple points of entry which resulted in congestion and a lot of frustration. 

By strategically placing high-usage elements, like appliances and storage areas, throughout the kitchen space, we were able to eliminate the frustrating bottlenecks. 

With an eye toward reconnecting with the iconic look of the mid-century kitchen, our design team incorporated cabinetry and trim which all featured clean, straight lines. 

By bringing in light materials, accented by the richer walnut cabinets, we created visual interest while maintaining the airy feel of the space. Wraparound floating shelves finish the look with vertical LED lighting bringing in an additional modern touch.

You will be able to view this beautiful remodel in person during the weekend tour event. 

The Virtual Tour: A Traditional Kitchen Transformation in Saddlebrook

Our Saddlebrook clients came to us in need of a brighter, more integrated kitchen. Their traditional home’s kitchen left a lot to be desired. It felt dark and unwelcoming with a large wall that blocked off anyone working in the kitchen from those in the rest of the first floor living spaces. Tired of the disconnect and wanting to add more personal style to the builder’s grade materials in the kitchen, our clients tasked us with turning this space around. 

We began by addressing that stubborn wall that added a barrier to conversation and entertaining. Once this was removed we also extended the kitchen into the dining space, creating a welcoming, more open and airy atmosphere. To create a cohesive feel in the living area, we installed consistent flooring and applied the same light paint color throughout. Light finishes were also used in the kitchen to enhance brightness in the space.

For contrast and to add warmth, we finished the remodel with touches of dark stained wood on the kitchen island, stair rail and fireplace mantle.

This dramatic remodel can be viewed virtually online during the weekend tour event. 

If you struggle with layout issues in your home or want to find ways to bring in more light and airy vibes to your space, this tour is not to be missed!

Learn How to Achieve a Stunning Home Makeover at the PRO Remodeled Home Tour

The 2024 PRO Remodeled Home Tour is a great opportunity to see firsthand how a home can be transformed with the insights and craftsmanship of a professional design-build firm. HC Remodel & Design is grateful to our clients for opening their homes to share with other homeowners their finished remodeling projects. 

Whether you tour in-person, online, or both, we’re sure you’ll come away from the weekend with plenty of ideas and motivation to bring to life your vision for your own home. Don’t forget to register for this exciting event. The tour takes place on April 20th and April 21st from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day and is free to attend. 

Get ready to be inspired! Use this LINK to learn more about the PRO Remodeled Home Tour 2024.

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