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Omaha, NE 

The Process 

The clients were in desperate need of updating this very outdated and dark home.  

They wanted a modern design with simplicity and clean lines, while also adding lots of storage. The wall between the dining and living spaces really made the house feel closed off. The red countertops with wallpaper backsplash did not do this home justice. 

It was time to breathe some new life into this little cottage, and allow its potential to shine through!

When addressing the design needs of the homeowners, we prioritized opening up the wall between the dining and living spaces to help tie the spaces together and give them that open concept feel they were wanting. Also by removing a bay window in the dining room and replacing it with sliding doors to the back yard helped to add more natural light and brighten up the space. 

The shower was reworked to increase the space, and more glass was added to take the shower out of its original cave-like design. Built-in features like a shower niche, and semi-floating vanity allowed for practical storage while providing an elegant aesthetic.

The clients loved their baseboard heating but wanted to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Adding the custom baseboard heating covers really helped to add character to the spaces! 

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